Cycling for the first time Lewisham

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Why Cycle?For several years I would regularly drive to work because it was the quickest option. That was before I became aware of air pollution and all the health and inequality problems it wreaks on our communities. Around then I also got switched on to climate change and I started getting the train and walking to work instead. And then [...]

Lewisham’s first low-traffic neighbourhood

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If you were on Twitter or the BBC news website around the end of June you might have seen slightly alarming footage of cars mounting pavements in Lee Green, a council ward in the northeast of Lewisham. This was an early teething problem, quickly rectified, associated with the introduction of London’s largest low traffic neighbourhood. It is one of a [...]

Anna’s View

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As a respiratory doctor, I’m really interested in air pollution, so the recent high media profile of the various relationships between Covid-19 and air pollution has caught my attention. The bulk of my work as a doctor is seeing people who come into hospital with flare ups of their chronic lung condition - mostly asthma and COPD. In fact, [...]

Inspiring Ways to Help the Environment whilst in Lockdown

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A lot has changed since Lewisham Council declared a climate emergency in February 2019, with a pledge to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. More than a year has passed and we all have found ourselves in a very different reality as a result of global coronavirus outbreak. What remains unchanged is the ever increasing urgency of taking positive action [...]

Car Free Day on Blythe Hill

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We closed our street for the first time to become a ‘play street’ on car-free day. Our street slopes steeply up from the South Circular up to Blythe Hill Fields in SE6. We’re a friendly community, linked by many close relationships, inter-dependencies and common culture. We’ve had Big Lunches and street parties, and we share babysitting, gardening tips, bulk food [...]