Climate Action Lewisham is a volunteer run organisation and we’re always keen to hear from individuals interested in taking a more active role.

We get up to all sorts of things, from talking to the public about climate issues at local events or through social media, involvement with the local council regarding plans for carbon reduction, responding to consultations, organising petitions, planting trees and joining the dots with other groups and initiatives.

So whether you’re creative, technical, organised, politically astute, knowledgeable about a certain issue or sector related to climate change and environment, or just passionate about climate issues and want to support us, we’d love to hear from you.

For just £5 a year, you can become a Climate Action Lewisham member, which enables you to join relevant WhatsApp action groups and to vote at Annual General Meetings. The membership fees we collect will help to cover the group’s day-to-day costs, and anything further will enable us to expand our work, commission local creatives, and make more of a difference to the environment in Lewisham and the wider world. To join, simply pay your membership fee either on a recurring basis or as a one-off payment, then fill in this form and someone from the working group(s) you’re interested in will get in touch.

You can also donate to CAL at any time.

Supporters — non-paying members — are still welcome at all of our events, and welcome to get involved as well. But we’d like to encourage as many of you as possible to sign up, get stuck in, and join the fight for a better climate.