Recycling at Landmann Way Centre

Lots of things can be recycled at the Re-use and recycling centre at Landmann Way in New Cross, but at the moment because of Covid you need to pre-book a slot and you cannot bring mixed loads. Each booking made must be for one type of disposal (green waste, mixed recyclables or textiles) so consider sharing drop-offs with neighbours. The centre is now a co-mingle site. All recyclables go in one container and will be separated off site.

Materials taken
  • aerosols
  • mirrors
  • CDs and DVDs
  • cartons
  • furniture (reuse first)
  • tools
  • glass
  • textiles
  • scrap metal
  • cans and tins
  • paper and card
  • electrical items (small and large)
  • all light bulbs
  • plastic bottles, trays and tubs
  • hard plastics
  • car batteries and household batteries
  • TVs and monitors
  • used cooking oil
  • garden waste (garden pruning, dead plants, grass cuttings, and small tree branches)
  • plant pots and garden ornaments
  • fridges and freezers (domestic only)
  • garden table and chairs
  • gas bottles
  • sofas (re-use first)
  • books (re-use first)
  • mattresses
  • wood, MDF and chipboard (such as wooden furniture/toys)

This map shows where some other recycling points are

Light Bulbs (low energy only)

  • Catford Library
  • Homebase Bromley Road
  • Landmann way Recycling Centre

Old-style incandescent light bulbs are not recyclable and must be disposed of in your refuse bin. New-style energy-efficient light bulbs are recyclable, but must be disposed of at participating light bulb recycling locations.


  • Sainsburys Bell Green Sydenham
  • Tesco Catford
  • Sainsburys New Cross
  • Tesco Lewisham
  • Sainsburys Lewisham Shopping Centre
  • Sainsburys Lee Green
  • Landmann way recycling Centre


All Rymans Stores including – Blackheath

Carrier Bags and Plastic Film Recycling

  • Sainsburys Bell Green Sydenham
  • Tesco Catford
  • Sainsburys New Cross
  • Tesco Lewisham
  • Sainsburys Lewisham Shopping Centre
  • Sainsburys Lee Green
  • Coop Downham Way

You can use these points to recycle plastic bags as well as thin plastic packaging such as bread bags, cereal liners and also plastic used around multipacks of cans and household goods such as toilet roll. Look out for the appropriate labelling on the packaging.

Water Filters

  • New Cross Sainsburys


There are banks for old clothes which charity shops wouldn’t want:

  • Beckenham Hill Road – Entrance to Beckenham Place Park
  • Sydenham Hill Junction with Lammas Green
  • Junction of Porthcawe and Sydenham Road
  • Catford Bus Garage
  • Whitefoot Lane outside Forster Memorial Park
  • Junction of Downham Way and Bromley Road
  • Fernbrook Road
  • Outside Flats on Woodvale
  • Junction of Longbridge Way and Lewisham High Street
  • Blackheath Grove (by Blackheath Post Office)
  • Tesco Car Park, Connington Road

Small Appliances

Banks at:

  • 36 Sydenham Hill, Sydenham, SE26 6SL
  • St Norbert Road / Turnham Road (opposite shops), SE4 2HH
  • Junction of Sydenham Road and Porthcawe Road, SE26 5SF
  • Junction of Leyland Road and Eltham Road, SE12 8DU

Yes Please: Phones, Remote Controls, VCRs, digiboxes, electric toothbrushes, shavers, small kitchen appliances, irons, electronic toys, small DIY tools and kitchen appliances, kettles, clocks, hairdryers, any other small electrical items, mini stereos.

No Thanks: TV monitors, Computers, Cookers, Washing machines, Light Bulbs, batteries– this is another good page of dos and don’ts