Lewisham Family Cycling Library is here to help you try out and select the best cycling options for you and your young family.

Air quality is a big concern in Lewisham, and children are more at risk inside cars, where toxic fumes can accumulate. On a bike they learn more about their surroundings, enjoy the ride, and you know you’re doing your best for the environment and your children’s health.

Come to one of our Library events at a park or public space in Lewisham to try out our e-cargo bike with your family. Or invite us to your school – we do post-pick-up sessions for families so that they can try out the e-cargo bike and other equipment, with a trainer under safe conditions.

And if you would like a longer term experience, you can borrow our cargo bike, trailers, or bike seats, for 2 weeks, to find the right cycling fit for you.


Upcoming Workshops

We’ll be holding free workshops where you an have a go on an electric cargo bike, or attach a trailer / bike seat to your own bike.  We’ll have technicians and trainers to take you through your options and provide advice.  Our next workshop is Sunday 30th July at Blackheath.


Want to try out our equipment for a longer period?

If you’re a Lewisham resident and thinking about transporting your kids by bike, but need more time to try out options, you can borrow our equipment for a 2-week period.

We ask that you pay a deposit (refundable so long as T&Cs are met), sign a rental agreement, and let us view some ID.

We are also asking for donations to help with the running and repair costs that we face.  We are all volunteers giving up our time and energy fetching and delivering equipment, so any donations to keep the library going is gladly welcomed.  We have suggested amounts below, but realise that this may not be possible.  Donations are entirely voluntary!

Electric cargo bike

Deposit £100

Suggested donation £50 for two weeks


Trailer / Bike seat

Deposit £50

Suggested donation £20 for two weeks

If you are interested in borrowing our equipment, please complete the following form.



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Or if you have enquiries, contact us: at cyclinglibrary[at]climateactionlewisham.org



Here are some comments from people who have borrowed equipment from us:

“It was great fun borrowing the e-cargo bike. As a family that cycles a lot already, I was surprised how good it was for journeys that we perhaps avoided previously based on distance. So instead of getting a combination of transports to get to piano lessons in Crofton Park we cycled all the way and back (and enjoyed it too). We also did the Bromley Junior parkrun whereas previously it was that bit too far for our 5-year old to cycle. It was a sociable way to travel as I could see the children and talk to them as we were travelling. I even experimented with 4 young children in there for Halloween and it worked brilliantly.  I am convinced an e-cargo bike is suitable for us as a young family and will be useful for at least the next 5 years (until our children reach secondary age). I can also see how I would be able to double up and use the e-cargo bike for business purposes as we run a cafe. We are keen to avoid owning a car/van but have considered it recently because of the need to sometimes buy heavy items at short notice e.g. milk. The e-cargo bike provides us with an alternative more sustainable option.”  Steven J.

“This was such an amazing experience to borrow the e-trike. I was a bit apprehensive due to the weather and worrying it would be to cold for the children but I think that made the experience all the bit better. The children absolutely loved it. I was able to get all 3 of my children in the cargo and do shopping too with enough space for 4-5 big shopping bags! I really started using the bike rather than my car and can actually see our family using an e-trike as our main source of transportation. I felt it was really good for myself also as it was a means for me to keep fit. I would also ride the bike everyday to drop my son to school and the little errands I needed to run.”  Kamara