Can a Cargo bicycle replace a car? Amey tells us about his experience of getting a cargo bike for family commuting.

Bike:, bought from

Cycle to work scheme  and the green commute initiative

Anna talks about her experiences of installing an air source heat pump, enabling her and her family to produce sustainable energy and benefit from a huge cut in the cost of bills.,

Sue tells us in this film how important it is to keep watering new trees in our local parks and streets to give them a chance to start establishing strong roots.,

Cycling has become more popular and the use of electric bikes. Jane talks about how she’s getting on with hers

Read about the cycle to work scheme and Ebikes

Lewisham cyclists website
TFL information about cycling routes 

Local resident Jake talks about the benefits of home composting and how easy it is to get going!

In lockdown Caroline built a pond!

For information in making ponds/buying plants for ponds this website is really helpful:

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of ponds have a look at

In this episode Judy talks about increasing biodiversity in the garden by creating an insect hotel.

In this short film, CAL member Titania talks about the changes she’s been making since the lockdown.

Here Carole and Zaria share what it’s like to get out cycling with the family on quiet city streets.

About the project


During the lockdown of March-June 2020, we asked Lewisham residents what they were doing about personal action towards combatting climate change, now that we were all locked in our homes and some of us had some unaccustomed free time.

People responded to the call and made short movies about their activities, and we’re deeply grateful to those people who extensive time and effort into making these films. We felt that the lockdown was a time for reflection and for considering what lifestyle changes may be very worthwhile on different levels, and worth taking forward into the future. Many of the film’s contributors felt that they were proud of the changes they had made and were making every attempt to make sure that they were permanent changes in their own lives.

Small things, but important in a mosaic map of individual and social changes towards a transition to a sustainable society. The team responsible for these films were Titania Krimpas, who is available for any questions about them on: and Josh Fairbairn, who edited them. Before we share anything you make,please see our consent form here