Hello! Currently our meetings are now all on zoom, and please keep an eye on our events page or social media for upcoming ones.

We have a mailing list, join up here if you’d like local environmental news in your inbox. We also have a Facebook group and a Twitter account if you’d like to join the conversation.

Currently we are working on collating a series of brief films about Lewisham residents who have made changes in their lifestyles while under lockdown which they think they can continue after this crisis has passed. For more on getting involved here’s some info.

Two members behind table with Climate Action Lewisham bannerat festival stall

One of our stalls at summer events

We work in three areas: Political process, public outreach and ‘imagination’

Climate Action Lewisham was key in bringing about the Declaration of Climate Emergency in February 2019, mainly by supporting Cllr Tauseef Anwar to present the motion to the council. Since then, we have participated in the process by offering suggestions, advocacy, challenge, comment and scrutiny to Lewisham council. Please see more about our work with Lewisham council here.

We hold public meetings around once a month, at which we share news and have talks, activities, discussion and usually a focus. We also have stalls at public events at which we hold conversations with the public, offer information and activities, including for children. We also use our conversations with the public to inform the advocacy work with the local authority.Β 

A key part of our work is ‘imagination’, loosely framed around the idea that ‘you cannot be what you cannot see’ . We need a lot of imagination in order to see ourselves our shared culture, our values and our meaning differently. At the moment, ‘imagination’ focusses on the fresh idea of car-free living, #liberationnotloss. See more about ‘imagination’ here

Residents sitting having a meeting in library

An early meeting in Crofton Park library

We began as an informal collective of residents and activists who came together in Crofton Park in late 2018, and now include residents from all over the London Borough of Lewisham. We were worried about the Climate Emergency and the lack of action and leadership on a local level, as well as a national level. We are now a constituted unincorporated community group with these aims:

Talk to the Lewisham public, and have those difficult conversations at stalls, events, our own public meetings and others’ events.

  • Offer information about personal and political actions people can take to play their part in creating a sustainable society
  • Support projects, and run our own projects to help sustainability make sense, and result in helpful action, on a local, borough and national level
  • Support Lewisham’s Climate Emergency Action Plan and the process to become carbon neutral by 2030

We believe that an important level of change for a sustainable society comes from the local level. Leadership from a local authority is important, but it’s communities, links and relationships that happen on a personal and small-geographical level that’s important. We work in our own local area, with people we know and care about, and we are all residents in Lewisham, mostly living within walking distance of each other.Β