We’ve all been closed in our homes, leading to changes in our lifestyles, some of which contribute to the reduction in CO2e emissions and waste in Lewisham. If you have made changes, and think you can continue them after lockdown is over (whenever that is), could you make a movie to share?

Globally, CO2e emissions may be down by about 8%, and in Europe this is estimated to include a 39% decrease in energy-based CO2e. This is due to a standstill in industry and travelling, but also lifestyle changes made by individuals, enforced by being isolated at home.

Some of these changes, however, are positive! Can bring benefits to us which we may feel like continuing as permanent lifestyle changes on a road towards a New Normal that is greener, kinder, less stressed and better.

These might include growing your own food, cooking more, being more conscious of food waste, travelling more actively and spending more time focussing on our families, repairing things and being more mindful.

Can you make a two-minute movie about what you’ve been doing, and maybe could continue after lockdown is over? Share your ups and downs, encourage others to do the same, share the benefits and the satisfaction? See Titania’s film about growing tomatoes here

If you’d like to make a movie, we will edit it for you, offer feedback, upload it to our youtube channel and share it on local social media to spread your message of how to be green under lockdown and how to continue into a post-covid world to create a New Normal.

Email Titania on for more information, or to tell her you’d like to make a film. She’ll give you some starting tips and discuss the subject matter with you.

Climate Action Lewisham are keen to work with you, and naturally we prioritise the online safety of anyone who is generous enough to make movies to share with Climate Action Lewisham and with the local community. Before we share anything you make, please see our consent form here