“I want to hear about how we are going to stop the increase in emissions by 2020, and dramatically reduce emissions to reach net-zero emissions by mid-century” UN Secretary-General António Guterres

The UK-based Youth Strike for Climate, known internationally as #FridaysforFuture, takes inspiration from Swedish student Greta Thunberg who has been striking since last September, and has since then gained followers globally.

The first international student strike was held on February 15th 2019, and since then they have been taking place every month.  These strikes have garnered massive attention in the media and have been crucial in raising awareness and pushing governments to take action.

Just recently Sir David Attenborough, in an hour long conversation with the UK Parliament pointed to the youth movement as a critical voice in the call for change (see also below).

While awareness about climate issues has dramatically increased in the last 6 months, a coherent government policy is still lacking.  In June of this year Theresa May did commit to make the UK carbon neutral by 2050 – a positive first step – yet this timeline is not consistent with the science, which declares that we have only 11 years to reduce global emissions by 50% to avoid runaway climate catastrophe.

The impacts of climate change are being felt everywhere and are having very real consequences on people’s lives.  Our children will bear the brunt of these challenges and time is of the essence.

If you are interested in finding out more or getting involved, send an email to CAL (see our Contact Us page) with School Strikes in the subject line.

Links: UK Youth Climate Campaign is the central organisation coordinating the youth strikes in the UK. The website is created by and aimed towards teens and includes a four-point demand list and organising strategies. Parents for Future is a UK based organisation for parents who support the youth in their demands for a safe, just and clean future.  The website has useful links on how to speak with your children about climate change, templates of letters written to head teachers about the school strikes, and other links and individual actions we can take.  Information on the United Nations Climate Action Summit in September.