Dalmain School would like to close Grove Close from 3pm – 6pm on Wednesday 29 April, 2020.

Dalmain is monitoring the air quality around the school, and has been given two air quality monitors, one of which is near the nursery, and the other on the side of the school that faces the busy road Brockley rise (B218) . They measure the smallest and most dangerous particulates: PM2.5s. The information they gather is available in real time to the school, who are able to monitor peaks and changes in pollutants. At the moment, it’s too early to find out any relevant data. Most of the air pollution near Dalmain, and in Lewisham in general, is from traffic.

In addition, research has been done recently by the council into the origins of the borough’s carbon dioxide emissions. The council aims to become carbon neutral by 2030, and the baseline study showed that 26.6% of the borough’s CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent emissions) are generated from traffic of different kinds, see the diagram below. This is the second-biggest source, and a major area that we are able to control through personal decisions in Lewisham.

If you are a member of Dalmain’s community, or you are a resident of the Ewart estate and your access is via Grove Close, or you are a member of either of those groups and you have limited mobility and need vehicle access for your safety, please get in contact with us on climateactionlewisham@gmail.com

Climate Action Lewisham held a ‘car-free day’ in Blythe Hill Lane, for Car-Free day 2019, and Zaria, CAL member and chief organiser, wrote this blog post about it Climate Action Lewisham want to make walking, cycling and scooting the best ways to make short journeys, with most other journies easy enough by public transport, and the car limited in use.